Focusrite have announced the exciting next generation of Clarett interfaces, the Clarett+ 2Pre, 4Pre and 8Pre. Clarett+ is Focusrite’s new range of premium-quality USB audio interfaces, built from the top reputation and the strengths of the previous Clarett ranges.

“The new interfaces feature improved converters and professional quality mic preamps. Clarett+ interfaces are designed to take producers, engineers, and artists to the next level with their creativity and recordings.”

Improvements to the independent A-D/D-A converters bring audio clarity to everything from home recordings to studio tracking sessions. A newly chosen D-A converter used in conjunction with a carefully designed output filter circuit provides an excellent dynamic range. A lower D-A converter noise floor provides users with the ability to hear intricate dynamic variations in mixes, masters, and recordings, in impeccable detail. The A-D converters in Clarett+ have impressively low distortion performance thanks to Focusrite’s PCB circuit design and layout.

“The all-new Clarett+ preamps boast high headroom and ultra-low noise, so you can track exceptionally pure, crisp recordings and achieve a professional sound anywhere.”

Clarett+ is the perfect interface to capture loud sources such as drums and electric guitars as well as vocals and quieter sources that require higher gain, such as acoustics and string instruments.

The analogue inputs make recordings wonderfully clear, rich, and warm which provides the user with clearer mixes and more transparent recordings. You can now hear an honest representation of your source without any unwanted colouring or distortion to the input signal.

“AIR models the input transformer sound of the classic Focusrite ISA 110”

The ‘AIR’ mode models the input transformer sound of the classic ISA 110 and gives you even more choices on your inputs; to tune in your desired sound. ‘AIR’ brightens up vocals, adding additional presence and gives a stronger transient response to drums and acoustic guitars.

Monitor in ultimate detail with 124dB D-A dynamic range giving you greater control of your mix. Record in ultimate clarity with -110dB THD+N on the A-D conversion.

Improved headphone outputs and DAC performance provide powerful, transparent sound at all levels, on any headphones, so producers, engineers and artists can make the best decisions at every stage of the creative process.

“All models in the Clarett+ range are expandable”

All Clarett+ models are expandable using ADAT optical connectivity (eight channels at 48kHz), for linking outboard devices such as Clarett OctoPre.

Focusrite Control for iOS and desktop provides complete control over interface settings, and the included software bundle comprises an excellent range of tools for endless creative possibilities.


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