The new Lambden Audio LA-X studio monitors deliver an accurate and transparent sound for all discerning audio professionals. The LA-6X and LA-8X are an excellent fit for professional, home and project studios, broadcast, post-production, and immersive environments. For those lower frequencies, the LA-6X and LA-8X can be used with the new Lambden Audio LA-8S 8” subwoofer. And by adding the Lambden Audio SoloCTRL monitor controller, you will have the full and complete monitoring solution at your fingertips. 

LA-6X Studio Monitor PairJames Ivy, known for his expertise in all things pro audio, has just dropped a detailed review of the LA-6X Active Studio Monitor Complete Bundle by Lambden Audio, on his YouTube Channel, the Studio Rats Channel TSR – Jivey Talks Tech.   

In this video, James breaks down the specs and connectivity options of each part of the 6X Active Studio Monitor Complete Bundle by Lambden Audio. After this he honestly reviews the LA-6X bundle’s sound. He starts by comparing LA-6X’s to the well-known ADAM T8Vs and the Yamaha HS7s. He explains that these are monitors in a similar price range but emphasises that you get a lot more for your money with the LA-6X Active Studio Monitor Complete Bundle by Lambden Audio. 

When it comes to the sound of the LA-6X Complete Bundle, Jivey lets us know that the LA-6X sound impressive, have good stereo imaging, top end that isn’t harsh, a mid-range that isn’t not muddy and that the LA-8S 8” subwoofer handles the low end which means the monitors do not have to work too hard.  He then calibrates the speakers using Sonarworks equipment. He wraps up the video by recommending who this bundle would be perfect for. 920195_-_la-6x_active_studio_monitor_complete_bundle_by_lambden_audio

As with all Lambden Audio products, the LA-6X Complete Bundle is manufactured by our partners who have a wealth of experience in building quality studio monitors. We then import them directly to the UK where they are quality checked, tested and are then made ready for you to buy direct. This cuts out the various levels of cost usually associated with most pro audio products on the market. So, we’re able to offer quality, professional monitors at a price that is not normally considered possible. 

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Pricing & Availability: LA-6X Active Studio Monitor Complete Bundle by Lambden Audio are available now.  

RRP £459.00 inc VAT