Lewitt RAY – The Future of Recording 

Welcome to the future of sound recording! Lewitt, a pioneer in the audio technology space, has consistently succeeded in pushing boundaries within an industry that is often resistant to change. 

The all-new RAY condenser microphone by Lewitt exemplifies this spirit of innovation. Designed for vocalists, content creators, streamers, and producers, the RAY not only meets the high standards of modern sound recording but sets new benchmarks for efficiency and quality. This microphone introduces features that adapt intelligently to the user’s environment, offering unparalleled control and flexibility in a variety of settings. 

A Deep Dive into AURA Technology 

Lewitt’s RAY microphone features AURA Technology, which functions like voice autofocus, revolutionising standard recording practices. Historically, microphones required users to maintain a consistent distance to prevent volume inconsistencies and the proximity effect, which could either thin out or overemphasise bass tones. 

AURA Technology uses a time-of-flight (ToF) sensor to monitor the distance between the microphone and the sound source, ranging from 5 to 100 cm. This distance data enables dynamic adjustments of tonal balance and volume, maintaining audio quality regardless of the speaker’s movement. The system operates in real-time, keeping the audio signal purely analogue while processing data digitally.

Lewitt RAY Condenser Microphone - AURA Technology

Mute By Distance 

The Lewitt RAY microphone introduces Mute by Distance, enabled by AURA Technology. This feature uses a time-of-flight (ToF) sensor to monitor your distance, automatically muting the audio when you exceed a preset threshold, effectively silencing the microphone by reducing the signal by -70 dB. 

Mute by Distance reacts to the nearest object or person, ensuring precise responsiveness to your movements without affecting external sounds. Its versatility is evident in various applications: 

Live Streaming: Step away without transmitting unintended sounds to your audience. 

Video Meetings: Speak when leaning in; automatically mute when leaning back, enhancing conversational fluidity and reducing background noise. 

Music Recording: Allows performers to approach to unmute and move away to mute, simplifying audio control without manual adjustments. 

Mute by Distance significantly enhances audio management, making the RAY a versatile tool for diverse professional and interactive settings. 
Lewitt RAY Condenser Microphone - Performance

Design and Build Quality

Lewitt is recognised for its sleek, modern approach to microphone design, and the RAY is no exception. Continuing this modern tradition, the RAY combines aesthetic appeal with robust functionality. The microphone’s all-metal construction ensures durability, giving users confidence in its longevity and reliability for everyday use. 

The RAY features a 1-inch true condenser capsule, renowned for capturing detailed and nuanced vocal recordings. Its gold-sputtered diaphragm adheres to a cardioid pattern, focusing on sounds directly in front while minimising pickup from behind. This design is ideal for achieving clear audio in various recording environments, from robust singing to soft-spoken dialogue. 

Additionally, its exceptionally low self-noise level and high sound pressure tolerance make the RAY versatile for both booming voices and subtle tones. The compact design is complemented by a magnetic pop filter that enhances usability, ensuring a stable and visually unobtrusive setup perfect for both studio recordings and live performances.

Lewitt RAY Condenser Microphone - Build Quailty

Applications Across Various Fields 

The Lewitt RAY microphone is designed to meet the diverse needs of various audio professionals. Whether you are a musician laying down a new track or a streamer engaging with your audience, the RAY adapts seamlessly to your requirements. Its innovative features provide unmatched flexibility and sound quality, making it a crucial tool in any recording setting. 

For podcasters, we believe the RAY is particularly transformative. The integration of AURA Technology ensures that audio levels remain consistent, regardless of a speaker’s distance from the mic. This capability is invaluable in podcasting, where maintaining conversational flow is crucial. With the RAY, the common interruption of the host of a podcast having to remind guests to “move up on the mic” is eliminated. This not only maintains the flow of the conversation but also significantly enhances the overall consistency of the audio quality, creating a seamless experience not only for the listeners but also for the creators. We believe these features will revolutionise podcasting, allowing hosts and guests to focus entirely on their dialogue without technical distractions.

Lewitt RAY Condenser Microphone - Podcasting

Final Thoughts 

The Lewitt RAY microphone represents a significant leap forward in the world of audio recording. With its innovative AURA Technology and Mute by Distance feature, it brings a level of flexibility and quality that is unmatched in the industry. These advancements not only enhance the practicality of sound recording but also break down barriers that have traditionally hindered dynamic and spontaneous audio capture. 

The RAY is designed to empower artists, content creators, and professionals by allowing them to focus more on their craft and less on the technicalities. Whether in a studio, during a live stream, or in a meeting, the RAY ensures high-quality audio with minimal effort, adapting to each user’s unique environment. 

We believe that the introduction of the RAY by Lewitt will not only change how professionals approach audio recording but also set new standards for clarity and ease of use across all fields. This microphone isn’t just a tool; it’s a game-changer that promises to elevate the audio experience for creators and audiences alike.

The RAY Condenser Microphone by Lewitt is available now.  

Lewitt RAY Condenser Microphone: RRP £299 inc VAT 

About Lewitt Audio:   

Lewitt is an innovative audio equipment company founded in 2009 in Vienna, Austria. Known for its high-quality microphones, Lewitt combines modern design with advanced technology to cater to both professional musicians and amateur enthusiasts. The company stands out in the audio industry for its commitment to innovation, featuring products with unique capabilities like multiple polar patterns and integrated digital signal processing. Popular in studio and live settings, Lewitt’s microphones are designed to enhance user experience and audio fidelity, making them accessible to beginners and valued by professionals. 

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