The Lewitt CONNECT 2 is one of the most user-friendly audio interfaces on the market. Tailored for vocalists, musicians, podcasters, and streamers, this interface streamlines the recording process, enabling users to achieve professional sound quality effortlessly. Its intuitive, touch-based user interface, complete with visual feedback and comprehensive mute functions, positions the CONNECT 2 as the ideal tool for producing high-quality audio with ease.

Effortless Setup with Auto Features

The effortless setup of the CONNECT 2 is revolutionised by its Autosetup feature, which intuitively finds the perfect settings for your recording needs. With integrated tools like Clipguard, Denoiser, Compressor, and selectable preamp sounds—Clear, Warm, and Vivid—it allows for precise sound customisation. The interface enhances your workflow with customisable LED colours and a Custom button dedicated to creating shortcuts.Lewitt Connect 2 Audio Interface

Professional Specs for Superior Sound

Far from just being easy to use, the CONNECT 2 packs a punch with powerful specifications. It boasts a premium microphone preamp offering 72 dB gain and a dynamic range of 118 dB. The Hi-Z instrument input not only delivers enhanced clarity and hum immunity but also sports a dynamic range of 121 dB, ensuring your recordings are crystal clear.Lewitt Connect 2 Audio Interface

Designed for Creatives

Designed with creatives in mind, this audio interface caters to the varied demands of music production, podcasting, and streaming. It features zero-latency DSP-powered monitoring and effects, balanced speaker outputs, and dual-sized Zero-Ohm headphone outputs, all designed to deliver an authentic and versatile audio experience.

Lewitt Connect 2 Audio Interface

Complete Control at Your Fingertips

Managing levels and inputs has never been smoother, thanks to the CONNECT 2’s intuitive touch-based interface. Its Global Mute function and a Loopback channel for capturing computer audio are indispensable for live streams and conference calls. The CONTROL CENTRE software further ensures that every feature is at your fingertips, providing complete digital control.

Lewitt Connect 2 Audio Interface

Enhance Your Creative Space

The CONNECT 2 doesn’t just function well—it looks the part too. With customisable LED colours to complement your studio’s aesthetic and a robust build with a Kensington lock slot, it ensures that your setup is both secure and stylish.

Lewitt Connect 2 Audio Interface

Ready for Any Setup

The CONNECT 2’s compatibility with Mac, Windows, and iOS, bundled with Steinberg Cubase LE and Cubasis LE, makes it a flexible choice for any audio project. It is the simplest route to professional-quality sound for recording vocals, instruments, or managing live audio feeds.

Lewitt Connect 2 Audio Interface

Why Choose Lewitt CONNECT 2

With its blend of user-friendly features, professional-grade specifications, and sleek design, the Lewitt CONNECT 2 is an exceptional choice for anyone serious about upgrading their audio recording setup. It offers simplicity, efficiency, and quality, making it an indispensable addition to any creative’s audio arsenal.

The CONNECT 2 by Lewitt is available now.  

Lewitt Connect 2 Audio Interface: RRP £169 inc VAT  

About Lewitt Audio:   

Lewitt is an innovative audio equipment company founded in 2009 in Vienna, Austria. Known for its high-quality microphones, Lewitt combines modern design with advanced technology to cater to both professional musicians and amateur enthusiasts. The company stands out in the audio industry for its commitment to innovation, featuring products with unique capabilities like multiple polar patterns and integrated digital signal processing. Popular in studio and live settings, Lewitt’s microphones are designed to enhance user experience and audio fidelity, making them accessible to beginners and valued by professionals.

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