The new year is upon us and many of us are dreaming of starting or upgrading our own studio, or getting those final few bits of gear that will take our live setups to the next level. January is a tough month for all of us, and our bank balances are feeling the effects of us treating ourselves and our loved ones over the holidays, or maybe one too many trips to the pub… We all deserved it after the past few years.

Don’t let that get in the way of the new gear and equipment you’ve been dreaming of. With Klarna, you can spread your payments to make it easier to get your hands on the kit your need to transform your audio setup.

Klarna is a secure payment service provider who takes end-to-end responsibility for your payment. Klarna offers direct payments, pay after delivery options and instalment plans.

With that in mind, we have handpicked a selection of gear that excites us…


SSL UF8SSL UF8 DAW Controller

The UF8 Advanced DAW Controller is Solid State Logic’s next-generation studio controller, which has been designed for today’s DAW-based production workflows and ultrafast turn-around times. The UF8 is a premium finish tactile USB controller that is the culmination of SSL’s 40+ year legacy of mastering production workflows and studio ergonomics.

UF8 offers intuitive features that are developed from a true understanding of production workflow. Take ultimate control with simultaneous access to multiple DAW sessions, and precise navigation with a multi-purpose Master Encoder for DAW timeline access, track banking and mouse wheel emulation. 

Our price: £844.00 inc VAT
Available for as little as £30.28 p/m with Klarna


Two Note Captor XTwo Notes Torpedo Captor X

As a guitarist, you’re always craving that perfect tone, constantly tweaking, and adjusting to find it. It can be frustrating when you’ve spent hours dialling in your tone, and then it changes when you play in a different space.

Guitar amp attenuators can help you control your volume while getting the best tone possible. Playing your tube amp in a great sounding room, with an exceptional choice of perfectly matches speaker cabinets and microphones, is a truly joyous and unparalleled experience. The Torpedo Captor X is for tube amp lovers who crave this every time they play, no matter the environment.

Torpedo Captor X is a compact reactive load box, tube amp attenuator, miked cab simulator (DynIR Technology), Dual-IR loader and stereo expander for home, live and studio use. It comes with a lifetime licence for Torpedo Wall of Sound and 32 DynIR Cabinets.

Our price: £428.00 inc VAT
Available for as little as £15.36 p/m with Klarna



Audio-Technica ATH-M50x HeadphonesAudio-Technica ATH-M50x Headphones

A professional pair of headphones is an essential tool in your audio setup. Studio-professionals, avid listeners, gamers, and streamers alike deserve nothing short of the perfect audio performance from their headphones.

Audio-Technica ATH-M50x Headphones deliver just that with a crisp, articulate sound that has a defined low end. These headphones are engineered to deliver a superior sound experience, no matter your realm of audio.

Our price: £112.00 inc VAT
Available for as little as £4.02 p/m with Klarna


Leto Studio desk Workstation by Trojan Pro

Leto Studio Desk Workstation by Trojan Pro

Trojan Pro’s Leto Studio Desk Workstation is the perfect studio accessory. Designed for professional and project studios, it provides an all-in-one solution for a working studio environment. This desk will help improve the workflow of engineers, producers, musicians, streamers and voiceover artists alike.

The desk allows you to optimise your space by placing your speaker stands in your preferred position, allowing you to get the most out of your studio set-up. Features a dedicated shelf for your monitor screen, which frees up even more space on your work surface.

Our price: £399.00 inc VAT
Available for as little as £14.32 p/m with Klarna


Auralex ProPOD Acoustic DecouplersAuralex ProPOD Acoustic Decouplers

Do you ever find that your studio monitors don’t sound quite right? Are they too bass-y or distorted? This is a common issue when monitors are placed directly onto shelves, racks and stands.

Your loudspeakers and components vibrate microscopically, trashing your imaging and articulation. When they vibrate, they cause your shelf, rack, stand, floor or other resting surfaces to resonate too, which really degrades your sound quality.

The ProPODs reduce or eliminate this undesirable vibration, letting your true sound shine through. You’ll hear articulation and hidden detail like you never have before.

They have been meticulously engineered from space-age materials for maximum performance. Comprised of a machined exoskeleton and a viscoelastic-polymer shock absorber, which work synergistically to provide an optimized balance of support and decoupling. The slip-resistant core improves imaging by eliminating loudspeaker or sub movement.

Our price: £129.00 inc VAT
Available for as little as £4.67 p/m with Klarna


Shure MV7Shure MV7 Podcast Kit

The MV7 Podcast Kit is an all in one professional podcast or streaming recording solution that provides you with everything you’ll need to get set up. Connect and capture your voice by USB or connect to professional audio interfaces using the XLR output, the choice is all yours.

The Shure MV7 is a professional-quality USB/XLR dynamic microphone that is ideal for close-mic applications that require vocal intelligibility with a balanced tone. A touch panel is featured on the microphone itself that provides you control over the microphone’s gain, headphone level, monitor mix and muting. 

Our price: £252.00 inc VAT
Available for as little as £9.04 p/m with Klarna

Focusrite Clarett+


Focusrite Clarett+ 2pre Audio Interfaces

Whether you’re recording vocals and instruments or composing, the all-new Focusrite Clarett+ audio interface range is the audibly impressive, pure-sounding, bus-powered* USB-C interface for PC and Mac to take with you on your creative journey.

For artists, bands, and producers, The Clarett USB range features specially designed high-performance mic pres with a low distortion, a design that guarantees a clean, open and transparent sound.

Our price: £378.00 inc VAT
Available for as little as £13.56 p/m with Klarna
Price for Clarett+ 2pre only


PreSonus Studio One 5PreSonus Studio One 5

Record, produce, compose, mix, master, and perform all from a single, intuitive application. Designed with ease of use at its core, Studio One 5 is your creative partner from studio to stage.

Open the Song Page and you’ll find everything you need to record, compose, edit, produce, and mix with a complete set of virtual instruments, effects, ground-breaking arrangement tools, and a new advanced Score View based on PreSonus’ award-winning Notion notation application. Integrate your external instruments with the drag-and-drop ease of a virtual instrument.

And when you’re ready to hit the stage, Studio One is right there with you. The Show Page lets you add backing tracks, virtual instruments, and plug-in effects to your live instruments with an easy-to-use Setlist that lets you sculpt your performance and do a quick edit when inspiration strikes.

The standard for end-to-end production, only Studio One 5 seamlessly moves with you from initial inspiration to the final mix, digital release and stage production.

Our price: £303.00 inc VAT
Available for as little as £10.87 p/m with Klarna



HH Tensor-GoHH Tensor-Go Column PA System

The HH Tensor-Go is an all-in-one battery-powered column PA system, that doesn’t compromise audio quality for portability and versatility. Perfect for musicians, venues, busking, DJs, parties, outdoor events, weddings, speeches and more thanks to the high-capacity lithium-ion battery. At just 14kg, the Tensor-Go is super-lightweight.

Impressive output performance is efficiently handled by the extensive 800-Watt Class D amplifier, ensuring uncompromised user performance. The high-performance 8-inch HH subwoofer and 6 x 2.75-inch arrayed HH High/Mid satellite provide ultra-wide horizontal dispersion.

Loaded with 4-channel integrated mic/line mixing functionality, high-grade balanced ¼-inch/XLR combination input connections, studio-quality digital reverb and built-in Bluetooth that allows you to stream music and wireless pair multiple Tensor-Go systems.

Our price: £599.00 inc VAT
Available for as little as £21.49 p/m with Klarna



Zoom H8 Handy RecorderZoom H8 Handy Recorder

Podcasters, voiceover artists, musicians, filmmakers, and content creators require a tool that allows them to capture the exact moment that inspiration and creativity strikes. 

In the studio, at home or in the field; The Zoom H8 Handy Recorder won’t let you down, adapting to suit your creative needs at the tap of a button.

The new H8 Handy Recorder from Zoom is the most adaptable handy recorder ever made. For over 2 decades now Zoom handy recorders have been the first choice for portable audio recording for professionals, amateurs, and everyone in-between. The new H8 takes portable recording to a whole other level for musicians, podcasters, voiceover artists, sound designers and more.

Our price: £298.00 inc VAT
Available for as little as £10.69 p/m with Klarna


(All prices were correct at the time of writing and are subject to change without notice.Klarna examples are based over 36 months and are subject to credit checks and terms & conditions).