Welcome to the future of music production with the latest offerings from Focusrite – the Scarlett 4th Gen Solo, 2i2, and 4i4. Tailored for the modern generation of music makers, these cutting-edge interfaces are set to redefine your recording experience.

Unlock the Potential of the All-New Focusrite Scarlett 4th Gen

Introducing the revolutionary Focusrite Scarlett 4th Gen Solo, 2i2, and 4i4 interfaces – designed to cater to the needs of the contemporary music creator.

Original Excellence, Now Elevated

Experience the timeless brilliance of the music maker’s beloved interface, now remastered for a new era. The Scarlett series has undergone a remarkable transformation, ensuring an unparalleled leap in performance.

Unprecedented Sound Precision

Dive into a world of unparalleled audio quality. Immerse yourself in remarkable preamps that capture every sonic nuance, boasting an astonishing 120dB dynamic range. These interfaces feature high-end converters sourced from the distinguished RedNet range, highlighting Focusrite’s dedication to sonic excellence. The re-engineered Air Mode, complete with Presence and Harmonic Drive, imparts a grand console-like sound to your creations. Bid farewell to compromises, as Auto Gain and Clip Safe ensure pristine takes. Elevating playback, a custom-designed headphone amp delivers an unmatched listening experience, complemented by top-tier software offerings from industry giants.

Prepare for a Revolution in Recording Precision

Prepare for a ground-breaking evolution in recording precision with our remote-controlled 4th Generation preamps.

Masterful Preamps for Ultimate Flexibility

The 4th Gen preamps, with their remarkable 69dB gain range, are primed for the softest vocal or the loudest amp. They capture every nuance of your performance, ensuring that every microphone shines brilliantly.

Unleash Studio-Quality Brilliance

Harness the studio-quality Hi-Z and line inputs to effortlessly retain the character of your synths, keys, and guitars for DI recordings and amp simulations.

Explore the Unexplored with Scarlett

Activate the red button and immerse yourself in the world of professional-grade recording. With 192kHz, 24-bit converters akin to those found in world-class studios, your compositions can be built layer by layer, extracting intricate details without sacrificing sound quality.

Revitalized Air Mode for Enthralling Soundscapes

Enhance your lead vocals and instrumentals with the re-engineered Air mode. This mode places your sound’s distinctive character at the forefront of the mix, enriched with high-end Presence and Harmonic Drive reminiscent of classic studio consoles.

Auto Gain for Effortless Level Calibration

Witness the magic of Auto Gain, seamlessly calibrating your levels within seconds. Engage the button, perform for ten seconds, and let Scarlett set the perfect level for your recording.

Ensure Perfection with Clip Safe

While you’re performing, Clip Safe is vigilantly listening. Checking your levels up to 96,000 times a second, Clip Safe will automatically fine-tune the gain if you’re at risk of clipping, allowing you to concentrate on your music, secure in the knowledge that your recording is in capable hands.

Custom-designed headphone Amp for Impeccable Playback

Experience the pinnacle of playback with a custom-designed headphone amp and an extensive dynamic range, setting the stage for the most exceptional playback you’ve ever encountered from Scarlett. Drive your headphones to new heights of clarity and volume. Effortlessly switch between headphones and monitors when recording, mixing, or playing back audio, courtesy of independent controls.

Maintain Control with Focusrite Control 2

Focusrite Control 2, a novel app for Scarlett, streamlines session setup, enabling you to focus on what truly matters – capturing remarkable performances. Accessible for both PC and Mac, take remote control of Scarlett’s preamps, Auto Gain, Clip Safe, and Air, even when your interface is out of reach. With 4i4, you can also craft and tailor headphone mixes using the versatile mixer.

The Ultimate Software Arsenal for Your Hits

Once you’ve initiated your journey with the included Pro Tools Artist or Ableton Live Lite recording software, the Hitmaker Expansion bundle equips you with everything required to record, mix, master, and release your music. Access an unmatched array of record-making studio tools from industry titans.

The Complete Studio Experience – All in One

For an unparalleled sonic encounter right from the start, both the Scarlett Solo Studio and Scarlett 2i2 Studio encompass Focusrite’s CM25 MkIII studio condenser mic and SH-450 closed-back headphones.

Ready When You Are

Experience a personalised Easy Start, round-the-clock Support, and a three-year warranty – all designed to ensure Scarlett is ready whenever you are. Simply plug in your interface, complete the Easy Start process, and you’ll be good to go in no time. Should you have any inquiries, Focusrite’s global support team stands ready to assist. And rest assured, the warranty stands as a safeguard for the future.

*Applicable to 2i2 and 4i4 models.

Scarlett Solo: The Singer-Songwriter’s Dream

Ideal for singer-songwriters, the Scarlett Solo offers one mic preamp and ultra-low-noise converters, delivering outstanding audio quality in a compact design ideal for home studios and on-the-go recording.


Scarlett 2i2: Unleash Your Creative Potential

With two mic preamps for recording vocals, guitars, and more, the iconic 2-in/2-out Scarlett 2i2 brings professional studio quality within reach, all in a portable package. Empowered by features like Auto Gain and Air mode, the 2i2 empowers you to create radio-ready recordings wherever inspiration strikes.


Scarlett 4i4: Power to Innovate

The Scarlett 4i4 boasts four inputs and outputs, offering unparalleled flexibility to record mics, instruments, synths, and more. With built-in MIDI I/O for seamless integration with your controllers and keyboards, the 4i4 makes professional studio quality accessible to all home-based musicians.


Scarlett Solo and 2i2 Studio: Your Complete Recording Solution

The Studio packs provide an all-inclusive solution for high-quality recording. Whether it’s the Scarlett Solo or 2i2 interface, these packs include the CM25 MkIII studio condenser mic and SH-650 closed-back headphones. Equipped with everything you need, these bundles allow you to commence recording studio-quality vocals and acoustic instruments straight out of the box.