The Imperative Audio PVB (Portable Vocal booth) has been featured in the Sound On Sound ‘Recording Technology: Basics & Beyond’ Guide.


Sound On Sound have released their incredible Basics & Beyond Guide, in the form of an eBook jam-packed with easy to follow guides on a number of studio topics. With over 170 pages, this FREE illustration-rich eBook is aimed primarily at newcomers to the subject of studio and recording but will be equally valuable to students and anyone struggling with the nuances and complexities of recording using today’s complex but very rewarding technology.

This guide has been designed to introduce readers to the essential components of recording and explain the studio process in an easy-to-follow way, with a comprehensive glossary.

“Basics & Beyond has been written and curated in the famously detailed, thorough no-nonsense style of Sound On Sound.”

‘Recording Technology: Basics & Beyond’ covers everything from; what to buy, mic techniques, plugins, consoles, acoustic treatment, MIDI and so much more.

Page 70 of the eBook features the Imperative Audio Portable Vocal Booth. For those of you who aren’t familiar with the PVB, it’s a first of its kind in the recording market.

The ultimate home & studio recording solution for musicians and voice over artists. Imperative Audio believe that creating the right environment for you and your microphone is paramount for achieving great sound and performance. Space, comfort, versatility and acoustics are all key elements for any vocal or instrument booth.

“The PVB stands at 210mm at its tallest setting, offering good headroom for even the tallest performer.”

Portable Vocal Booth’s light aluminium cylindrical design largely eliminates the issue of standing waves usually found in and around the corners of vocal booths. With a circumference of 324cm and an opening of 80cm, the PVB stands at 210mm at its tallest setting, offering good headroom for even the tallest performer.

With no less than 3 high performing layers of acoustic treatment and the roof, the Portable Vocal Booth offers an incredible 0.07 secs reflection time (RT60 in accordance with ISO 3382-2 Measurements) and an average of 28.4dba reduction (One-

Third-Octave Spectrum LZeq in accordance with IEC 61260) which is unheard of for an open booth solution.

The PVB was also reviewed in the September issue of Sound On Sound, and this is what author, Neil Rogers had to say about it:

“I recorded a number of singers in the booth and achieved excellent results on every occasion… “

 “The sound of the recording captured in the booth was excellent, with a nice dry sound that was achievable without the artist having to get unnaturally close to the mic… It’s easily the best-sounding product I’ve tried in the field, and you can definitely make commercial-quality recordings….”


Follow this link to download your FREE copy of Basics & Beyond.
Don’t forget to turn to page 70 to check out the PVB!