Experience the unmatched sound quality and versatility that the Imperative Audio IN8 PRB Series 8-Piece Drum Microphone Kit brings to your drum recordings. IN8 ensures that you capture the nuances of your performance, bringing it to life.

James Ivy, renowned for his contributions to The Studio Rats, has recently presented an extensive review of the Imperative Audio IN8 PRB Series Drum Microphone kit on the newly launched Studio Rats Channel TSR – Jivey Talks Tech (a fitting name given Ivy’s profound knowledge of the tech landscape).

In his video, James provides a comprehensive exploration of the features encompassed by the IN8 PRB Series Drum Microphone kit. He delves into its construction quality, the components included within the kit, and most importantly conducts a comparison with his personal drum microphone collection valued at an impressive £6000. Notably, the IN8 PRB Series Drum Microphone kit, priced at £329.00, maintains its own standing against this remarkable collection throughout the video. But don’t take our word for it! Watch the video and decide for yourself!

Imperative Audio IN8 PRB Series Drum Microphone Kit

The Imperative Audio IN8 PRB Series Drum Microphone Kit is an 8-piece set offering top-notch quality for both professional studios and beginners. It comprises eight microphones with clamps, neatly stored in a sturdy case, providing a comprehensive solution for capturing complete drum performances on stage or in the studio. With a focus on unmatched sound quality and versatility, the kit brings drum recordings to life by capturing nuances in detail.


Pete Ray Biggin, a highly respected UK drummer known for his grooves and solos, has collaborated with notable artists like Amy Winehouse and Chaka Khan.  Biggin’s endorsement speaks volumes: “I loved these mics so much that I put my name on them. I’m so proud of how they sound!” He even compared the IN8 PRB Series to £5,000 worth of mics, finding minimal sonic difference, and showcasing their impressive quality and value.

What’s included?

IN8-BD1 (x1): A dynamic microphone tailored for kick drums. Its exceptional low-frequency response accurately captures the deep and resonant tones of the kick drum with clarity. The mid-low frequency response provides a balanced and nuanced representation of the kick drum’s character.


IN8-ST4 (x4): Dynamic microphones optimized for snare and tom drums. These microphones are engineered to capture the specific tonal qualities of snares and toms, delivering a clear and crisp sound that faithfully reproduces the distinct character of each drum.


IN8-P3 (x3): Small-diaphragm condenser microphones suitable for cymbals and overheads. The compact size and unique design of the IN8-P3 make it an excellent choice for capturing cymbals with precision and clarity. This microphone was specifically chosen by Pete Ray Biggin for hi-hat miking.


Easy Setup and Positioning: The kit includes mounting hardware and adjustable clips that simplify the process of attaching the microphones to your drum kit. With flexible positioning options, you can achieve optimal sound capture for each individual drum component.


The Imperative Audio IN8 PRB Series 8-Piece Drum Microphone Kit is a powerful asset for both seasoned professionals and aspiring drummers. Its tough design and top-tier components ensure an unmatched recording experience that captures every nuance of your drumming performance. Backed by the endorsement of respected drummer Pete Ray Biggin and rigorously tested by James Ivy on TSR – Jivy Talks Tech, the IN8 PRB Series kit stands tall against its competition. With its comprehensive microphone selection and user-friendly setup, this kit is your gateway to producing vibrant and dynamic drum recordings. Experience the Imperative Audio IN8 PRB Series and bring your drum recordings to life like never before.