Noise from inside your recording studio or music practice room can often find its way out of the space you are recording in, and this is the same for noise seeping into your space. It is also the case that in a busy office the build-up of sound can become a nuisance if you need to have a private meeting or phone call. 

Ever wondered how you can reduce the noise being created in your recording studio, school practice rooms, office, or home? Or ever needed a meeting room that ensures privacy? An Esmono Isolation Booth will isolate noise in all these situations. 

In the video above, the experiment focuses on how effective the Esmono is at isolating sound emanating from outside booth. This is measured in decibels with a sound level meter inside and outside of the booth. The results may surprise you. 

Soundproofing Vs Acoustic Treatment

Soundproofing uses techniques that aim to keep sound inside a room and reduces the chance of sound escaping. These techniques are decoupling, adding mass, dampening and sealing gaps. 

Decoupling involves creating “a room within a room” much like the Esmono Isolation Booth, creating a gap between two layers stops the sound leaving the inner layer and can be combined with insulation which reduces the chance of sound escaping even further. 

Dampening and adding mass to your walls makes them heavy enough to reduce vibration and therefore stop sound from travelling through them.  

Sealing gaps with acoustic sound chalk and weather stripping is also a good technique and refers to sealing air gaps and seams where sound might escape. Being a “room within a room” the Esmono Isolation Booth is highly adept at utilising this technique. 

Acoustic Treatment refers to techniques that aim to treat the sound in the room rather than stop it. Treating the sound in a room involves positioning panels, diffusers and bass traps to try and control and absorb reverberations, reflections, bass frequencies, echoes, standing waves to stop them ruining recordings and allowing you to hear your mix as it was intended. 

What is Isolation? 

Isolation is the prevention of sound travelling between two spaces. It involves using barriers and other methods to the reduce the transfer of sound energy from one area to another. When the sound energy is isolated within a space it is difficult for it to escape and when a space is isolated from the sound energy it is difficult for it to get in. 

What is an Esmono Isolation Booth? 

An Esmono Isolation Booth is a purpose-built soundproof chamber designed for optimal recording quality. Its all-metal “room within a room” design offers durability and outstanding acoustic performance. The windows can be customised to where you want them, and fans can also be installed if needed. 


They are available in a variety of thickness depending on application with 50mm perfect for vocals and isolating minimal noise, 80mm for amplified sound and moderate noise isolation and the 100mm for isolating drums and loud noises. As well as reducing the noise of applications inside the booth escaping, they are just as adept at reducing noise getting into the booth. 

How effective is the Esmono Isolation Booth? 

Using a 1000-watt PA cabinet to blast music out on the outside of the booth, we measured the volume of the music with a sound level meter outside of the booth and then inside the booth as the music played. The Esmono Isolation Booth can reduce decibels emanating from outside the booth by an average of 50dB. 

The Esmono Isolation Booth is exclusively available in the UK from Studiospares to find out more and get a quote, speak to us on 020 8208 9930.