The NAMM Show 2024 hasn’t failed to disappoint so far with tons of exciting awards, performances and exhibitions. However, what we have all been waiting for is gear news. Here we will shine a light on the some of the most innovative and interesting products to be announced today! 

Harrison Audio

The Harrison 32Cpre+, MR3eq, and Comp modules combine to form a complete channel strip for your 500-series rack, inspired by console processing. Harrison Audio, led by SSL, has introduced its inaugural line of 500-series modules suitable for recording, mixing, live sound, or broadcast. 

These modules are meticulously crafted, drawing inspiration from the renowned Harrison Consoles of the 1970s, 1980s, and 1990s, which played a significant role in the creation of iconic albums like Michael Jackson’s “Thriller,” setting high expectations for the brand’s performance. 

Harrison 32Cpre+ harrison-32cpre-Studiospares

  • Harrison 32Cpre+: 500-series version of Harrison 32Classic console preamp 
  • Offers up to 70 dB of gain, equipped with a Jensen transformer 
  • Front panel features adjustable high-pass and low-pass filters 
  • Includes XLR combo input, -20 dB pad, Hi-Z impedance, and polarity reversal switches 

MR3eq harrison-mr3eq-Studiospares

  • Derived from Harrison MR3 recording console 
  • Versatile 3-band EQ module with powerful tone-shaping controls 
  • Features variable high-frequency shelf (800 Hz – 15 kHz) 
  • Includes second-order bell mode with Harrison’s proportional Q 
  • Offers low-shelf (40 – 800 Hz) and adjustable Q-factor for precise mid-band tuning 

Comp harrison-32cpre-Studiospares

  • Classic forward-feeding VCA compressor design 
  • Program-dependent attack and adjustable release for flexibility 
  • Ideal for both subtle transient shaping and radical signal transformation 
  • Excellently suited for various instruments 
  • Ensures transparent processing without coloration 


Zoom Essential Series

After Zoom’s recent price reductions on their popular H-Series field recorders, it was clear that they had something new in the works. And indeed, they’ve unveiled the updated Zoom Essential Series, consisting of three models: H1essential, H4essential, and H6essential, all packed with features including 32-bit float, color displays, accessibility enhancements, and more.  

H6essential: Zoom’s flagship H-series field recorder ZoomHessential_h6-Studiospares

  • Records up to six tracks simultaneously at 32-bit float, 96 kHz 
  • Dual AD converter, next-gen 3.0 capsule system (X/Y mic) 
  • Optional Bluetooth dongle for timecode synchronization 
  • Emphasis on accessibility with audible menu navigation 
  • Functions as an audio interface, records to SD card (up to 1 TB)

The remaining two field recorders in the Zoom Essential Series, the H4essential and H1essential, offer similar features to the H6essential. They both support 96 kHz/32-bit float recording and the accessibility features mentioned earlier. zoom-h1-essential-Studiospares


  • Upgraded OLED display, records two tracks, X/Y-mic array (120 dB SPL) 
  • Introduces overdubbing, pre-recording, and mono mode 
  • Expected Q2 release, retail price £114  

H4essential H4e - Studiospares

  • H4essential: Adds color display, records four tracks, two XLR inputs 
  • Supports video sync with optional Bluetooth dongle 
  • Expected Q2 release, retail price £209

Zoom has named this series “Essential,” hinting that a “Pro” series with additional features may follow. If you’re in the market for a field recorder and can’t wait for the new models, the current models are currently available at Studiospares. 

Heritage Audio

Just in time for NAMM 2024, Heritage Audio has unveiled a new range of audio interfaces. According to the manufacturer, the i73 Pro One, Pro 2, and Pro Edge represent the industry’s first USB-C audio interfaces with built-in Neve 1073-style Class A transformer-coupled preamps. HeritageAudio-i73proone-Studiospares

Heritage Audio has introduced the i73 Pro Series USB-C desktop audio interfaces, comprising the i73 Pro One, i73 Pro 2, and i73 Pro Edge. These devices feature Neve 1073-style preamps and integrated DSP, with channel configurations ranging from 2 in / 4 out to 12 in / 16 out. Of course, they come in Heritage Audio’s distinctive design with console-style knobs and buttons.

i73 Pro One and Two 

  • i73 Pro One: Single preamp + mono line input, totaling 2 input channels HeritageAudio-i73pro2-Studiospares
  • Stereo line output for monitors + separate headphone output 
  • Controllable via large dual encoder 
  • The i73 Pro Two is like the i73 Pro One, but replaces line input with second 73-style preamp 

i73 Pro Edge

  • Two preamps, two line inputs, four line outputs 
  • Dual headphone outputs, ADAT I/O for 12 inputs and 16 outputs 
  • All three i73 Pro Series interfaces include MIDI I/O via mini DIN connector 
  • Built-in DSP for running bundled plugins, including Heritage Audio gear emulations 
  • Custom software mixer enables tracking with dry and wet signals for “Full Analog Experience” HeritageAudio-i73proedge-Studiospares

These plugins also come in native versions for use within your DAW. Additionally, there’s a loopback channel for capturing audio from other applications running on your computer, making it perfect for streaming or podcasting. 

The two smaller interfaces each offer two inputs and four outputs. All three Heritage audio interfaces feature the manufacturer’s distinctive design, complete with console-style Marconi gain knobs. They would certainly complement a RAM 1000 Monitor Controller setup! These interfaces are compatible with both Windows and macOS and connect via USB-C, although they appear to require a separate DC power adapter. 

The i73 Pro Edge offers the most versatile I/O options. You can now place your pre-orders for the Heritage Audio i73 Pro series audio interfaces. The i73 Pro One is priced at £494, the Pro 2 at £752, and the i73 Pro Edge can be yours for £1,134. At present, the shipping date for these interfaces remains undisclosed. 

Steinberg steinberg-ixo-12-Studiospares

Steinberg is expanding its audio interface lineup with the introduction of the IXO series, catering to content creators. The IXO 12 and IXO 22 models both incorporate features such as loopback functionality, real-time monitoring with zero latency, and mute buttons, all of which are particularly valuable for live streamers. Furthermore, both interfaces seamlessly connect to mobile devices through their USB-C connections. 

IXO 12, as seen in the image, is equipped with a single mic/line combo input that passes through a dedicated Class-A preamp designed specifically for the IXO series. It also includes an additional Hi-Z instrument input. On the output side, it offers a pair of line outputs and a front-mounted headphone output. The IXO 22 enhances these capabilities with an additional input and preamp, along with independent volume control for the headphone output.