Transporting studio gear can be a daunting task full of challenges. From heavy amplifiers to delicate microphones, each piece presents its own set of obstacles. Ensuring the safe transit of your equipment requires careful planning, proper packing, and robust protection against bumps and jolts. Yet, despite our best efforts, unforeseen accidents like damage, loss, or theft can still occur, disrupting workflows and causing headaches.   

Is your laptop constantly getting dents and knicks? Can’t find a secure and airtight way to protect your microphones when on the go? The expanded range of Fortis Cases by Trojan Pro can help combat even the worst-case scenarios when transporting studio gear, from laptops and audio interfaces to monitors and microphones, from the car to your tour bus and even on the plane. 

Trojan Pro, a leading name in pro audio hardware and storage solutions for studio and stage is excited to launch the expanded range of Fortis Travel Cases to help you keep your studio protected and secure.  

The Fortis Hard Travel Case range comes in even more shapes and sizes, for a multitude of types of gear and situations be it touring or gigging, for musicians and engineers, with customisable pick foam for a snug fit and full protection. It provides the utmost protection you can find with 90% of the range featuring an IP67 rating. 

What is an IP67 rating?  

IP is a rating system known as the Ingress Protection/International Protection (IP) mark, which is a standard for measuring a product’s resistance to dust, sand and liquids. The rating system consists of two digits, the first (6) and the second (7), each on a scale from 0 (no protection) to 6 (full protection) for dust, and up to 9 (resistance to extended periods of immersion) for liquids.  

An IP67 rating provides your enclosed equipment with full protection against dust and small particles, rain and submersion and against any accidental drops.   

The Fortis Range 

Fortis Laptop Hard Travel Case - Studiospares

Fortis Laptop Hard Travel Case IP67 by Trojan Pro – £79 / With Fingerprint ID (Not IP67) – £199 

The Fortis Laptop Hard Travel Case is available in two variations one is the IP67 rated Laptop Hard Travel Case for exceptional protection and the other is the Fingerprint ID Hard Travel Case for extra security from theft or loss when you are on the go. Both cases can fit laptops up to 16 inches in width to protect those new stems you have recorded.


iPad Hard Travel Case by Trojan Pro – £49

Fortis iPad Hard Travel Case - Studiospares

The iPad Hard Travel case is the most portable with an adjustable strap to wear the case around your body and can fit and protect a tablet up to 19 inches in width. Great for musicians and songwriters who like to record their new riffs or lyric ideas on the go. 






Microphone Hard Travel Case by Trojan Pro – £69 

Fortis Microphone Hard Travel - Studiospares

The Microphone Hard Travel Case has a depth of 242mm perfect for you to fit a few SM58s into and still have room for an audio interface or maybe a few cables. These cases are great protection for studio and live sound engineers who travel with their own equipment.






Fortis Hard Travel Case IP67 by Trojan Pro 545 x 345 x 225mm – £149

Fortis Hard Travel Case 545 x 345 x 225mm - Studiospares

The (L) 545mm x (W) 345mm x (D) 225mm Fortis Hard Travel Case, is around the size of a small suitcase, it has rear wheels to move around quickly and a handle to carry on to a plane. It provides much more protection than a regular suitcase and can endure the inevitable knocks that air travel brings. The pick foam can be adjusted to fit almost anything, be it camera equipment, a small midi keyboard or drum pads and much more. 





Fortis Hard Travel Case IP67 by Trojan Pro 219 x 185 x 154mm – £30 Fortis Hard Travel Case 219 x 185 x 154mm - Studiospares

The compact 219 x 185 x 154mm Fortis Hard Travel Case is the smallest in the range perfect for guitar pedals, portable hard drives, DI boxes, handheld field recorders and more. Whether you on an international tour or playing at a gig down the road, no piece of studio gear is too small to be protected. 





Fortis Hard Travel Case IP67 by Trojan Pro 480 x 235 x 200mm – £59.99Fortis Hard Travel Case 480 x 235 x 200mm - Studiospares

The second the smallest Hard Travel Case has dimensions of 480 x 235 x 200mm and is great for small drum machines, midi keyboards/controllers and even a small instrument like a flute can be conveniently stored and protected with pick foam to adjust the fit. 




Fortis Hard Travel Case IP67 by Trojan Pro 670 x 508 x 335mm – £249 Fortis Hard Travel Case 670 x 508 x 335mm - Studiospares

The next size up has dimensions of 670 x 508 x 335mm and can easily fit a pair of studio monitors with rack mounted gear like a large audio interface/mixer or preamps, a 32 Key MIDI keyboard and more. Ideal for transporting gear for the keys player in your band or precious rack mounted gear from the studio to your home.  




Fortis Hard Travel Case IP67 by Trojan Pro 850 x 565 x 429mm – £299Fortis Hard Travel Case 850 x 565 x 429mm - Studiospares

The second largest is the 850 x 565 x 429mm Hard Travel Case this can effortlessly fit an 61 key MIDI keyboard, or a guitar amp head such as a Marshall JCM 900 inside. The flexibility of the larger cases will genuinely make gigging and moving gear from the studio to your home a breeze. 




Fortis Hard Travel Case IP67 by Trojan Pro 847 x 722 x 432mm – £349

Fortis Hard Travel Case 847 x 722 x 432mm - Studiospares

The Fortis Hard Travel Case IP67 by Trojan Pro 847 x 722 x 432mm is the largest and most flexible with what you can transport in it. This enormous case can comfortably fit the monitors and mixer for a PA system (depending on the size) inside, making something that is historically difficult to transport a walk in the park. 





Every so often, transporting studio gear from A to B can cause no end of hassle with some gear being too small or too big to be fully protected from damage or the elements. From laptops to studio monitors and PA systems, the Fortis range is designed to meet the diverse needs of musicians, engineers, and touring professionals. Whether you’re recording in the studio or hitting the road for a gig, you can trust Trojan Pro to keep your gear safe and sound. 

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