The advent of AI has evolved over the years and has slowly been integrated into everyday life from social media algorithms to helpful chat bots like Chat GPT. Industries from education to recruitment have benefited from it and music is no different. 

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Studiospares has partnered with AMPOLLO for a 4-part webinar series which explores the use of AI in music. AMPOLLO is the first all-in-one app connecting a global community of musicians to practice, record, collaborate, share, earn new revenue streams and get discovered. The iOS app allows users to practice, play and record as well as offering a unique feature which lets users remove instruments or vocals from an existing song, enabling them to perform and sing along to their favourite tracks.  

AMPOLLO is available to download by following this link and from the app store on all iOS devices. 

Exploring AI in Music 

This webinar series focuses on what the future of AI means for musicians and creatives and how we can use it in our creative journey in the years ahead. The host Rebekah Pennington works in Content and Marketing at AMPOLLO and discusses music in AI with AMPOLLO Product Manager Jolly Mason. 

Episode 1: Introduction 

This episode concentrates on the rise of generative audio, what it is, its capabilities right now and what it may be able to do in the future. Generative audio has two forms, generative MIDI and true generative audio. 

Generative MIDI’s AI is trained on score and audio, whereas true generative audio is trained purely from the audio. Essentially you could give the AI a prompt in audio or text form, and it will generate a song or part of a song from it. 

It works by asking the AI to learn what the stems from separate instruments are and then giving it a command such as ‘create a jazz track at 120 BPM’, to give it emotion you would then describe each section of the song with phrases like ‘upbeat fill’ and it will learn different characteristics of audio to generate with. Alot of this technology is available if you search for it but is still in the early stages of development. 

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Episode 2: AI Music Tools 

This episode delves deeper into the features of AMPOLLO and gives a brief overview of other AI assisted music software and how they are used. Firstly, the host explains how the community area of AMPOLLO’s feed works with things such as likes, comments and sharing. The video then goes on to explain how a song is deconstructed in the app, how you can change the tempo and the key to suit your needs, how to record tracks and how to add previous tracks. 

The next AI tool to be explained is Beathoven which generates music for you from the prompts you give it or your genre and emotion choices and allows you to edit and add different parts throughout the process. The last app explained is an app called Splice which helps you choose loops that go together and then allows you download your creation into stems or as DAW projects on Ableton and Studio One.  

Episode 3: Using AI To Release a Song 

The next episode explores using Chat GPT and other creative AI tools to write and release a song including creating a song plan, writing lyrics, creating some social posts and even come up with some artwork. Using the plan, the host creates a social media post about a new song being released and uses this to inspire artwork using Canva and AI generated lyrics using a website called 

Episode 4: The Future of AI 

The final episode concentrates on the future of AI and AMPOLLO. It begins by briefly delving into the legality of the tracks being created as they are amalgamated from millions of different sources and not just one artist, so copyright laws will have to change for music created with AI to succeed.  

The AMPOLLO app will be expanding to include using more tracks, chord recognition, beat recognition, generating click tracks, generative audio and AR (augmented reality) for the AMPOLLO feed. The episode finishes up by explaining how AI learns, how AI will learn quicker in the future, and how it is not being made to disrupt but to aid musicians and aid creativity. 

Throughout this thought-provoking webinar series, we’ve explored the rise of generative audio, the capabilities of AMPOLLO and other AI-assisted music software, and the creative possibilities enabled by tools across the AI landscape. As we glimpse into the future, it’s evident that AI is poised to revolutionise music creation and discovery, offering unexplored avenues for expression and innovation.  

While challenges regarding copyright and legality persist, the overarching goal remains clear: to empower musicians, nurture creativity, and usher in a new era of musical exploration. With AMPOLLO’s expansion plans and a steadfast commitment to collaboration, the future of AI in music promises to be a harmonious blend of technology and artistry. 

More about AMPOLLO 

From its intuitive interface to its groundbreaking AI tools, AMPOLLO redefines the music-making experience, providing a seamless platform for recording, collaboration, and discovery. Whether you’re a seasoned professional or an aspiring artist, AMPOLLO offers a multitude of tools and resources to fuel your creativity. 

Features include: 

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  • Demix: Separate any song into individual tracks per instrument, depending on your preference; vocals, drums, bass and more.
  • Practice: Select your chosen instrument, make use of the tools to remove it from the original track and practice over the top. 
  • Record Video: Once you’ve practised your socks off and are confident to start recording, create one – or multiple – videos of your performance to capture your progress. 
  • Combine Recordings: Done playing around with your recording? Trimmed and added your preferred audio effects? Layer them up in our Media Fusion suite. 
  • Collaborate: AMPOLLO is an ecosystem for all music-centric people. Invite other users, friends and family to view or collaborate with you, on any song. 
  • Share your Music: Ready to export your creation? Share the finished video to our feed for other users to enjoy, or save it to share on your favourite social platforms. 


Follow and find AMPOLLO on Instagram, TikTok, Facebook and Twitter at Ampollo_music to stay up to date with news and new features soon to be announced. AMPOLLO is available to download for free here and from the app store on all iOS devices.

AMPOLLO is a freemium service, all the main features are free and any additional professional features can be subscribed to for £3.99 a month.