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ORIA boasts 16 outputs through TRS or AES connections, two dedicated relayed switched stereo outputs, two independent headphone outputs, BNC Word Clock in and out, two Audient Console Mic Preamps, 16 ADAT inputs, and an optional 16-input AoIP Dante card. This makes it ideal for large studios and educational institutions.

What sets ORIA apart is its dual-purpose design. It serves as a powerful USB-C audio interface with 16 outputs while also functioning as a standalone monitor controller, thanks to its ADAT Inputs or the Optional Dante Card.

To achieve precise sound quality in multi-channel speaker setups, a well-calibrated room is essential. ORIA’s Advanced Speaker Processing enables users to create up to 32 custom onboard calibration profiles for various monitoring formats, including stereo, 5.1, or immersive. This is achieved through per-channel 8-band EQ, Speaker Delay, Trim, and Bass Management tools.

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Audient has partnered with Sonarworks, allowing users to load SoundID Reference profiles into ORIA’s hardware for quick room measurement and calibration. The product includes a Sonarworks Reference Measurement microphone and a 60-day free trial of the SoundID Reference for Multichannel software.

ORIA’s Advanced Speaker Processing is handled by its lightning-fast onboard DSP Dual Processor Architecture, ensuring low-latency audio and freeing up CPU resources for demanding sessions.

Once the room is calibrated, ORIA provides users with complete control over stereo, surround, or immersive environments through its user-friendly software and iPad Remote. This includes quick switching between speakers, listening levels, and target curves, along with various control options for efficient session management.

Audient’s collaboration with Dolby means that ORIA can integrate with the Dolby Renderer, allowing users to control the renderer’s Down Mix functionality directly from ORIA’s interface. This simplifies the process of switching between different downmixed monitoring formats without leaving your project.

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Designed for professional multi-channel setups, ORIA offers versatile I/O options. Surround speakers can be connected through line or AES outputs, while dedicated Stereo Outputs are available for non-immersive integrated speakers. Additionally, two ADAT inputs provide flexibility to add an external interface or preamp.

Audient maintains its reputation for high-quality audio performance with ORIA, offering converters with 126dB of dynamic range and the well-regarded Audient Console Mic Preamps that deliver 58dB of gain for microphone, line, or Hi-Z instrument inputs. Notably, the Audient Console Mic Preamp can now be controlled remotely, combining analogue design with precise digital control.

With its top-of-the-range features and precision, Audient’s ORIA is due to set a new standard in audio interfaces. The ORIA is expected to begin shipping in the first quarter of 2024, and the iPad Control App will follow later in the same quarter.

ORIA is priced at £2520 inc VAT in the UK and is available at Studiospares.