Your gear goes through a lot, being loaded in and out of vans, other equipment falling on top of it, being battered by wind and rain and anything else when outside, accidental spillages backstage or on stage, the list is endless.  

But how can you make sure your gear is protected from these accidental knocks when on tour? And how can you keep your gear protected from wind, rain, snow, dust, sand and even mud at festivals? 

The video above showcases just how protected from knocks, rain and sand your studio gear will be in our Fortis range of cases and how important an IP67 rating when choosing your travel luggage be it going down the road or across the world. 

What is an IP67 rating? 

IP is a rating system known as the Ingress Protection/International Protection (IP) mark, which is a standard for measuring a product’s resistance to dust, sand and liquids. The rating system consists of two digits, the first (6) and the second (7), each on a scale from 0 (no protection) to 6 (full protection) for dust, and up to 9 (resistance to extended periods of immersion) for liquids. 

An IP67 rating provides your enclosed equipment with full protection against dust and small particles, rain and submersion and against any accidental drops.  

Making An Impact 

The Trojan Pro Fortis Hard Cases are made with highly durable yet lightweight materials such as Polypropylene and ABS (Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene) that ensure the case will only endure minimal superficial damage and anything inside it will remain intact.  

This was certainly the case when we tested the case’s durability. In the video a glass was placed into the pick foam inside the case and the case was then dropped from 10 feet. Apart from a small number of scratches and couple of dents to the case, the glass was protected from the impact. 

Splashing Around 

Anything placed inside Trojan Pro Fortis Hard Cases is completely protected from rain, splashes and accidental submersion and can be immersed in water of between 15cm and 1 meter. In the video an A4 piece of paper was placed in the case on top of the pick foam.  

The air pressure was adjusted inside the case using a knob on the outside. It was then submerged in a large storage container half full of water and held in the water for 1 minute. After drying the case off and looking inside the paper and the foam were completely dry. 

Gig at the Beach? No Problem 

An IP67 rating provides your enclosed equipment with full protection against dust and small particles. Think of doing a gig on the beach and how much sand and other particles may get in and, on your gear, if it is in a Trojan Fortis Hard Travel Case It is fully protected.  

To demonstrate this, the case was placed in a large storage container and two bags of sand were poured on top of it. When the case was unearthed from the sand the inside was completely free of any sand. 

As evidenced through these tests, the polypropylene Fortis range is up for the challenge of protecting any of your gear be it microphones, laptops, cameras or music equipment you can be rest assured that no matter where you are or what you’re doing your gear will be just fine. 

The Fortis Hard Travel Case Range  

The Fortis Hard Travel Case range comes in many shapes and sizes, for a multitude of types of gear and situations be it touring or gigging, for musicians and engineers, with customisable pick foam for a snug fit and full protection. 



The Fortis Laptop Hard Travel Case is available in two variations one is the IP67 rated Laptop Hard Travel Case for exceptional protection and the other is the Fingerprint ID Hard Travel Case for extra security from theft or loss when you are on the go. Both cases can fit laptops up to 16 inches in width to protect those new stems you have recorded.


The iPad Hard Travel Case is the most portable with an adjustable strap to wear the case around your body and can fit and protect a tablet up to 19 inches in width. Great for musicians and songwriters who like to record their new riffs or lyric ideas on the go. 


The Microphone Hard Travel Case has a depth of 242mm perfect for you to fit a few SM58s into and still have room for an audio interface or maybe a few cables. These cases are great protection for studio and live sound engineers who travel with their own equipment. 


The largest of the range is the Fortis Hard Travel Case, around the size of a small suitcase, it has rear wheels to move around quickly and a handle to carry on to a plane. It provides much more protection than a regular suitcase and can endure the inevitable knocks that air travel brings. The pick foam can be adjusted to fit almost anything, be it camera equipment, a small midi keyboard or drum pads and much more. 


Find out more about Trojan Pro Fortis Cases at or give us a call on 020 8208 9930.