SSL is kicking off NAMM 2024 with some exciting news. UC-1- Studiospares

They are set to introduce significant enhancements and updates to their UC-1 plugin controller, which can be customised to seamlessly integrate with the company’s 360°-enabled channel strips and bus compressors.

In addition to this, SSL will make its NAMM debut with the Puredrive QUAD and OCTO multi-channel mic preamp/interfaces. Alongside these newcomers, they will showcase the ORIGIN 16 in-line analogue console paired with a UF8 controller, demonstrating the harmonious coexistence of analogue and digital technologies in today’s audio landscape. 

Puredrive QUAD Multi-channel mic Preamp/InterfacesPure Drive Quad - Studiospares

The SSL Pure Drive Quad Mic Pre and USB Interface utilises the acclaimed Super Analogue Pure Drive microphone preamp technology originally featured in Solid State Logic’s ORIGIN console. It introduces a new Drive mode and more connectivity and is available in an 4-channel 2U rackmount unit, providing a plethora of new possibilities and workflows for any aspiring producer and engineer.   

Puredrive OCTO Multi-channel Mic Preamp/Interfaces

The SSL Pure Drive Octo Mic Pre and USB Interface harnesses the well renonwed Super Analogue Pure Drive microphone preamp technology initially showcased in Solid State Logic’s ORIGIN console. With the addition of a new Drive mode and expanded connectivity options, this 8-channel 2U rackmount unit unlocks a wide range of creative possibilities and enhanced workflows for up-and-coming producers and engineers. 

SSL has made significant strides in the audio interface market in recent years, offering a range of budget-friendly products that allow beginner to project studios to experience the well renowned SSL audio quality without breaking the bank. 

Expanding on this, SSL are set to unveil the SSL Recording Pack at NAMM, featuring an SMC 80 microphone with a shock mount, a set of SHP 80 headphones, and an XLR cable bundled together with either an SSL 2 or SSL 2+ audio interface. While the price and availability details are yet to be disclosed, if it’s anything like their impressive interfaces, it promises to offer excellent value. 

SSL’s presence at NAMM 2024 promises to be an exciting showcase of innovation and quality in the world of audio technology. Their commitment to making high-quality audio accessible is exemplified by the upcoming SSL Recording Pack, offering a comprehensive solution for budding producers and engineers. As SSL pushes the boundaries of what’s possible in audio, we eagerly await more details on these products and anticipate the impact they will have on the audio community.  

Stay tuned for their official release and more of the latest news from the NAMM Show 2024.