ADAM Audio and Sonarworks unveil details of A Series collaboration, including an extended 60-day trial

To mark the availability of the new A-Series, ADAM Audio and Sonarworks are proud to unveil details of their collaboration on the studio monitors, the successors to the award-winning AX Series.

The ADAM Audio A Series delivers highly accurate, transparent sound across a full line of monitors. The line also boasts a wealth of voicing and room adaptation options that can be controlled remotely and in real-time via A Control, a free-to-download software application from ADAM Audio (available for Windows and MacOS). A Control also facilitates a highly anticipated feature of the series, delivered in collaboration with calibration experts Sonarworks. Via A Control, users can upload and store SoundID Reference calibration profiles directly on the DSP of A Series monitors without the need to run the SoundID Reference application or any additional DAW plugin.


Technology & Benefits

Each A Series monitor contains an embedded platform on the loudspeakers’ DSP that can host calibration profiles created in SoundID Reference. This powerful software measures the acoustics of your space and generates a unique calibration to help counteract problematic frequencies and resonances. Typically, this calibration profile requires a VST or the SoundID Reference application to run, contributing to CPU usage and latency. The A Series integration nullifies CPU usage and significantly reduces latency by storing the calibration profiles directly on the loudspeakers’ DSP. Once transferred to the speaker, you can continue to benefit from the SoundID Reference calibration without the need for any software or network cables, a great example of the “set and forget” philosophy.

Extended 60-day Trial

In order to help as many people as possible experience this new technology, ADAM Audio and Sonarworks are happy to share details of an extended 60-day SoundID Reference trial for A Series customers. The trial license is available to A Series customers who register their speakers in the MyADAM area of It offers the full functionality of SoundID Reference, including the ability to export calibration profiles so they can be imported to A Control and transferred to the loudspeakers’ DSP. A Series customers will be provided with the license by email by the team at ADAM Audio.

(Please note that a measurement microphone is required to perform the measurements necessary to create the calibration profile in SoundID Reference)

A Control

ADAM Audio A Control is a key component in this innovative collaboration. Designed internally by ADAM Audio, the free-of-charge application provides A Series customers with a modern speaker management and equalization system. As well as facilitating the transfer of SoundID Reference calibration profiles to the loudspeakers, users can also create their own calibration profiles across 6 bands of parametric equalization or make changes to the voicing and room adaptation settings found on the backplate. All changes made in A Control can be heard in real-time from the listening position, allowing users to be confident in their equalizations and toggle between uncalibrated and calibrated audio.


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About ADAM Audio

ADAM Audio monitors have had a reputation for sonic excellence and unrivaled quality ever since the company was founded in 1999. With the development of the X-ART and S-ART tweeters, which are characterized by an extended frequency range and a higher efficiency compared to dome tweeters, this unique tweeter design has become the embodiment of a transparent, highly defined, and authentic sound that is the most defining development of ADAM Audio’s proprietary designs today. Being made and tested painstakingly by hand in the Berlin factory, ADAM Audio’s high-frequency driver is a rare exception in these days of automated mass production. ADAM Audio is represented worldwide through a global network of distributors and dealers in more than 75 countries. ADAM Audio also has offices in Nashville, TN, and Tanixa, China. ADAM Audio is a member of the Focusrite Group, a global music, and audio products group whose products and solutions facilitate the high-quality production of recorded and live sound.