A Classic Tube Preamp Recreated for Modern Recording

Warm Audio has just announced the latest addition to its product family, the WA-MPX and WA-2MPX – an authentic recreation of a classic tube preamp from one of music’s most legendary eras. The WA-MPX is a recreation of the vintage tape machine tube preamp that started the birth of rock’n’roll. Known for its pure analogue warmth, the WA-MPX delivers an impressive 300v of raw power and 90dB of tube gain. 

During the golden era of tape recording, the original Ampex-style vintage tube preamp became the signature sound in the signal chain of hit recordings, including those by Elvis Presley, Les Paul, and Bing Crosby – a timeless sound that continues to be pursued by today’s biggest artists. With the WA-MPX, Warm Audio has recreated this iconic preamp, capturing all the analogue tone of the original and bringing vintage warmth and colour to your sound.


Vintage-Inspired Design Meets Modern Features: The Versatile WA-MPX Preamp

The WA-MPX features three premium tubes per channel paired with custom-wound CineMag transformers and true-to-original circuit design, ensuring that every detail of the original preamp is captured. In addition, the WA-MPX also features selectable tape saturation, allowing you to add that extra bit of vintage warmth and character to your recordings. 

With its vintage-inspired design and modern features, the WA-MPX is a versatile tool that can add warmth, depth, and character to any recording. Whether you’re looking to capture the classic sound of rock’n’roll or just want to add some vintage flavour to your recordings, the WA-MPX is a preamp that is worth considering.

The Warm Audio WA-MPX: A Game-Changer in Recording Technology

In conclusion, the Warm Audio WA-MPX is a high-quality preamp that can help audio engineers achieve the sound they’ve been searching for. With its authentic recreation of a classic tube preamp, the WA-MPX captures the pure analogue warmth and vintage character that was so highly sought after in the golden era of recording.

The preamp’s modern features, including selectable tape saturation, make it a versatile tool that can add warmth, depth, and character to any recording. So, whether you’re a professional recording artist, audio engineer, or producer, the WA-MPX is a preamp that is definitely worth considering.