Imperative Audio, an innovator in audio and acoustics technology, is thrilled to introduce the all-new Black Edition Portable Vocal Booth, a twist on the already ground-breaking Portable Vocal Booth that provides a professional acoustic environment and convenience for vocalists, voiceover artists, musicians, and podcasters alike.

Recording in Style and Comfort

Recording high-quality audio demands the perfect environment, complete with expertly treated acoustics, ample space, and comfort. While not everyone has access to a dedicated recording studio or a permanent vocal booth, the Portable Vocal Booth by Imperative Audio aims to break down these barriers, offering a versatile, on-the-go recording solution that maintains professional-grade audio quality and comfort for performers.

“I recorded a number of singers in the booth and achieved excellent results on every occasion,” praised Neil Rogers, Sound On Sound.


Stylish All-New Black Finish

The Black Edition Portable Vocal Booth not only excels in performance but also boasts a sleek black finish that adds a touch of sophistication to any recording space. Its elegant appearance will complement your existing décor, making it a seamless addition to your home or studio setup. With the Black Edition, you’re not just enhancing your sound; you’re elevating your style.


Performance and Portability

Imperative Audio understands the significance of creating an ideal environment for recording. The Portable Vocal Booth combines space, comfort, versatility, and acoustics, all in one portable package. Now, users have access to these essential elements, along with unparalleled portability.


Shortened Reflection Time & 28.4 dBA Reduction

Featuring three high-performing layers of acoustic treatment and a specially designed roof, the Portable Vocal Booth boasts an astonishing 0.07-second reflection time (RT60, ISO 3382-2 Measurements) and an average 28.4 dBA reduction (One-Third-Octave Spectrum LZeq, IEC 61260) – which is not only unheard of for an open booth solution but fantastic by any vocal booth standards.

Eliminate Standing Waves

The Patented design of the Portable Vocal Booth‘s lightweight aluminium and cylindrical structure significantly reduces the issue of standing waves commonly found in and around corners of other vocal booths.


Don’t Sacrifice Anything

Imperative Audio’s goal is to create the perfect environment to meet the demands of any performer, including musicians and voice-over artists. The Portable Vocal Booth stands at 210mm at its tallest setting, offering ample headroom for even the tallest performer. For those who prefer a seated recording position, the PVB easily adjusts to sit on your workspace, ensuring recording comfort.


Easily Add Your Microphone

The acoustically treated roof securely attaches to the Portable Vocal Booth and features a 30cm channel, allowing you to lower an overhead microphone into the booth effortlessly. This allows your microphone to stand alone from the PVB using an overhead stand.


Ready to Use, Anywhere

Supplied with a sturdy music stand and adjustable LED light, the Black Edition Portable Vocal Booth comes neatly packed in a protective carry bag, making it the ultimate commercial, project, and studio recording solution for musicians, voice-over artists, and all recording professionals.


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